Where does the money go?

At Ryan Road, the PTO pays for all field trips, including the cost of busing, we provide teachers with discretionary funds, we pay for books for the library, we cover the fee for Mr. Ted, our naturalist and friend who takes the kids to the vernal pool, we pay for technology needs not covered by the town/state, we provide all the supplies our outgoing 5th graders will need, and so much more!

Our big fundraiser at this current time is for wheelchair accessible playground equipment!

Here is a sample of what we spent in the 2019-2020 school year:

Trees: $119
5th Grade Send Off: $675
Library Books: $1,000
Balance Bike: $106
Yoga Mats Over: $1,000
K Building Blocks: $1,150
Water Bottles: $137
Spirit Gear: $411
Sleds: $206

This is a small sample of what the PTO paid for last year – it adds up fast!  To add convenience, we now accept donations through Mightycause.