Minutes November 2023

• Welcome and Introductions
• Treasurer’s Report-
Balance lower than it has been in the past.
Certain funds are still in the account for specific activities.
Check on Performance money
Bake Sale and Halloween Party both brought in some money.
• Events Review
Scholastic- will follow up on plans for the scholastic bucks being spent.
A2R- will wrap up this week
Halloween Party was a success
Bake Sale did well for small election year, need to plan for next year.
• Upcoming Events
Movie Night- December 1st, ask for volunteers, plan for selling merch. Hats (15), Totes (20), Shirts (10/12)
Plan for new QR code
Xmas Tree Pick Up- Mike Sidoti presented. He will reach out to volunteers and then we will market. We will go back to doing mailbox stuffing.
• Nature Week
Budget presented for this year.
Fundraiser discussed for this year.
• Staff Lounge
Coffee bar update
• Positions Update
Secretary still available
• Additional Comments
NEF Meeting- All PTO event pending