RK FINN RYAN ROAD PTO MINUTES January 18, 2023 at 6:30PM

Attendees: Shannon Hicks,

Tom Murphy, Sofiya Alhassan, Emily Beuadry, Liam Hurley, Karen Albano, Mike Sidoti, Gina Krosoczka
● Treasurer Report: Tom Murphy shared the financial report. The PTO has ~$12,000 in available balance after our budgeted commitments. The A2Z fundraiser was a success and helped add ~$300 to our balance!
● Xmas Tree Pickup: Mike Sidoti gave us a follow-up report on the Xmas tree pickup, which netted close to $3400 after collecting 166 trees. Thank you Mike!!! Ideas were floated for next year’s pick-up, including signage for promotion and finding a balance between expansion and the number of pickups that can be handled.
● Movie Night: January 20th was our reschedule date and it was a great success! Thank you to all who attended and a special shoutout to Ms. Albano and the Custodial Staff for all the help! The next Movie Night will be Friday, March 10th.
● Book Fair/Auction: Gina Krosoczka joined us to discuss ideas for a book fair to promote excitement around reading. Possibilities include partnering with High-5 books for a virtual component, including an author reading, and scheduling to coincide with the Read-a-Thon run by Ms. Crowther. More to come in the future!
● Calendar Raffle: We need a new coordinator for the calendar raffle! It is a major fundraiser for our school and needs our support! Greg Bossie has generously agreed to digitally design the calendar; we will need help gathering local business support to provide raffle items. Please contact ryanpto@gmail.com or the main office if you can help us help our kids!
● Science Night: A fun and educational night for the whole school! Discussions were had over who will head it up, as well as scheduling the night in April vs. March.

● PTO Positions: We discussed the future of the PTO Board positions. Sofiya Alhassan (VP) will need to step away, and both Shannon Hicks (President) & Tom Murphy (Treasurer) both have students leaving Ryan Road in the coming years. To remain a functioning PTO, we are legally required to have (separately) a Treasurer & a Secretary. The need to train replacements mid-year is very important. If you are able, please consider joining us to talk about the future of our school. The commitment is low and the impact is high!
● Next Meeting: February 15th @6:30pm via Zoom.
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