PTO Notes 11/17/2021

RKF Ryan Road Elementary PTO 

Zoom Meeting Minutes

Virtual Attendees: Shannon Hicks, Tom Murphy, Emily Beaudry, Sofiya Alhassan, Vanessa Keillor, Sarah Madden, Emily Hindle, Kat Windt-Baldwin (Tara)

Call to Order ~ 632pm

Introductions ~ 

Treasurer Report ~ 

  • Consistent Balance ~ $12k
    • Used remainder of NC balance
    • 8K yoga
    • 4k Memorial Day
    • 14K for playground boat
    • Family Contributions $1100
  • Expenses
    • Fletcher Farm pumpkins $148, library books $149, white boards $2363, Massages $105, staff reimbursements, 
    • Nature Week $1100 + $1100 in contributions from families. $872 from PTO 

Upcoming Events ~ 

  • Art To Remember
    • 2 days left, $1200 so far. People chose delivery to the school. Emily can come in to help separate.
    • Extra bonus if we hit 40% participation
  • Nature Week
    • Think about next year -won’t have existing funds, has been a major fundraising operation in the past. Possible spaghetti supper
    • Great weather for the week
  • Spirit Gear ~ Jess emailed Emily H 
    • Should be happening soon
    • Lots of hats
  • Christmas Tree Pick Up 
    • Sidotis are good to go
    • They will let us know when they need to ask for volunteers
  • Calendar Raffle
    • Caroline Bertrand and additional person will be doing it in February
    • Take February break off from prizes to expand current selection

Grant Update ~

  • Tom and Mrs. Madden went to disability commission with video, Mrs. Madden will share video.
  • The Commission and Counselorwoman LaBarge are very supportive, 
  • Inquired about next steps
  • Got ideas about other possible equipment, entire playground could use accessibility – Complete overhaul.
  • Looking to apply for a grant like JSS for CPA in the Spring.  
  • Initial quote is over $500k. How to make the entire area wheelchair accessible.
  • Equipment is half of cost
  • In contact with Sarah LaValley from Planning Department. CPA money could be used as a matching grant.
  • Other contacts and grants include Parks and Rec.
  • JSS had business donations in addition to grant $
  • Can we have a 30 minuteish meeting in December to discuss this? Divide and conquer.
    • Should we send an invite to specifically ask RKF families to come to that meeting? Join the Playground Committee!
    • December 15 @6pm

Additional Announcements

No Meeting in December

Next Meeting: January 2022at 630. Zoom id and passwords will be sent the day of the meeting

Meeting Adjourned, 702pm