PTO Notes 9/29/2021

RKF Ryan Road Elementary PTO 

Zoom Meeting Minutes

Virtual Attendees: Shannon Hicks, Tom Murphy, Sofiya Alhassan, Emily Beaudry, Vanessa Keillor, Elise Manning, Emily Hindle, Melissa Jusino Rivera, Tish Serrani, Regan Clover, Jessica Bossie

Call to Order ~ 632pm

Introductions ~ 

Treasurer Update ~ 

  • 1000 in Nature’s Classroom Account
  • Boat fund $14k + Should go for whole amount with the grant
    • Sarah spoke to someone from Disability Commission, no reason that we can’t apply for more than one grant. Possibly target the boat funds from DC, and use CPA for other playground updates. Jessica Bossie could assist with grant writing.
  • $8k in yoga
  • $12k operating funds
  • $6k in savings
  • Projected expenditures
    • Sign and sound fund
    • Principal’s fund didn’t spend the entire amount, donated excess to the boat fund. $3000 approved
    • $2700 for Teacher Funds. Rarely spend entire amount
    • Nothing budgeted for Field Trips. No field trips scheduled, NPS still holding off. Hoping to host field trips in the Spring. 
    • Technology didn’t budget for this. Smart boards aren’t usable. Sarah is looking into replacing them with whiteboards. Sarah is collecting info and totals.
    • 5th grade send off
    • Community Calendar
    • Field Day budgeted $1000, have credit for bouncy houses. There are expenses, bulk is already paid. Drop to $500.
    • Didn’t budget for Community Events
    • Retirements – nothing budgeted at the moment, could vote on it at a future meeting if someone announces.
    • Staff Appreciation – already spent ~$500 for the one event. Good revenue source from generous donors. Budgeted $1200. 
      • Breakfast and final lunch were much appreciated.
    • Spirit Gear – Amanda is open to running again. We need more magnets, and water bottles. Would love to get magnets for the new families.
      • Jessica Bossie is willing to help with Spirit Gear. 
      • Would like to run Spirit Gear in Fall and Spring.
    • Art to Remember – Art in from teachers by 10/18.
  • Revenue – not anticipating 
    • Movie Night
    • Bake Sale – could have individually wrapped goodies, will reach out to BOH.
    • Calendar Raffle – Caroline will run again in the Spring
    • Read a thon – Sarah could speak to Jen Crowther to get some thoughts.
    • Book Fair, possible virtual book fair

Upcoming Events

  • Art to Remember underway, classroom teachers are operating, Emily and a first grade parent will organize.
  • School Directory – Thank you Emily H! Will send to families that signed up for it, if anyone else wants one, send them her way.
  • Possible Spring Ice Cream Social
  • Welcome Back Letter to Teachers ready to go, just waiting for budget approval.
  • Teacher requests – only one so far, granted.
  • Send an email on how to support RR PTO.

Open Positions

  • How can we build community?
    • Grade level Facebook groups? Something to build camaraderie.

Next Meeting: October 20, 2021  at 630. Zoom id and passwords will be sent the day of the meeting

Meeting Adjourned, 734 pm