RK FINN RYAN ROAD PTO MINUTES August 24, 2022 at 6:30PM

Attendees: Shannon Hicks, Tom Murphy, Sofiya Alhassan, Emily Beaudry, Liam Hurley

Treasurer’s Report: PTO has an available balance of $12,370.
This year’s revenue and expenditures were nicely balanced.
The “Ms. Madden Fund” has ~$4000 and will be the new Principal’s discretionary fund.

  • ●  Events Roundup: Events Review
    • ○  Family 4th- need to retrieve Games
    • ○  Performance 35- Rain= light attendance. Thank you to Mike Sidoti!
    • ○  Welcome Back- logistics and timing discussed re: popcorn & ice cream. Ed Pop will perform 6-6:30 while PTO works on gaining volunteers and support for the year. Yellow Shirts for the PTO! Aslo, Ryan Road Spirit Gear will be available.
    • ○  Teacher’s Breakfast (8/31 @7:30am) – looking for someone to create a sign.
    • ○  Spirit Gear- Shannon and Emily Hindle have looked into Mantis for 2022 gear. We hope to have choices available earlier in the school year.
    • ○  Yoga/Mindfulness- on hold until facilities can be established.
    • ○  Parent Directory questions for Emily Hindle and Vanessa Keillor
    • ○  Website and Wishlists – ryanroadpto.org and Wishlists maintained by Andre Boulay. Link will be included in future Mailchimp announcements. Some updating to reflect more recent expenditures is needed.
  • ●  Next Meeting: September 21, 2022, 5:30 pm